Change management

Change management is the process of transitioning individuals, teams and organisations to a desired future state. The change management process is the plan that outlines the 'what', 'how', 'when' and 'where' individuals and organisations desire to be in the future. 

It is recommended schools should follow an appropriate change management methodology, such as Change2, when preparing for and implementing ICON. 

Change management materials

The change management materials below align with the Change2 methodology and can be used to support schools with the development of their ICON implementation plan:

Rationale for change 

The rationale of change management is that people’s capacity to adopt the desired change can be influenced by how they are presented with the process – if people understand the benefits of change, they are more likely to participate in the transition and ensure the changed state is implemented successfully. The capacity to adapt to change can be minimised if people misunderstand or resist the change process, causing barriers to, and ongoing issues for the desired future state.