Change2 - Complete Process

The World Challenge.....

Getting better outcomes than ever before,

in a broader range than ever before, 

for more students than ever before, 

with less inequity and within fiscal constraints

Professor Dame Pat Collarbone 2012

ICON will personalise learning for students, engage parents in the learning process, support teachers to work collaboratively within and across schools plus provide enterprise system support. ICON will bring about transformational change and as such will evoke emotional and political responses as well as the purely rational. Change2 is designed to assist schools to prepare for this major change.

Image of teachers working together

Changeaims to build the capacity of leaders in schools to strategically and successfully plan for the implementation of ICON. 
The process involves a series of workshops that take a school through the complete change cycle: from identifying areas for improvement and determining your strategy, to implementing the change and realising the benefits. 
Many schools have a trained Change2 Facilitator who would assume the responsibility for assisting individual schools through the change program. 

Image of teachers planning

This fully integrated process begins with the Senior Leadership Team clarifying their vision and preparing the ground for a program of sustainable change initiatives that will fulfill their vision. 
Responsibility is delegated to a Change Team, carefully selected to represent the broad views of all stakeholders. The team works through a schedule of six workshops. 
The process (see Change2 Core Steps below) is carefully designed so that each workshop progressively builds upon the previous one towards a sustainable solution, while building confidence in the team and the school.

Change2 Core Steps
Change2 Core Steps diagram


Change2 Tools Reference

The Change2 Tools Reference provides a useful summary of the tools used in a Change2 Process.  

Change2 Newsletters from Creating Tomorrow Ltd

If you are a trained ChangeFacilitator and have been through the Change2 process you may find it useful to read the monthly newsletters from Dame Professor Pat Collarbone and Simon Edkins of Creating Tomorrow Ltd (the owners of Change2).