Hapara: making learning visible

Hapara is a third party application offering online management of student learning and is available for schools using the G Suite for Education applications. Your school can access Hapara for free when your school has joined the Catholic Education Victoria (CEV) G Suite for Education instance.

You can download the ICON eLearn – Hapara for G Suite fact sheet for more information about the CEV instance, FAQs, key links and upcoming professional learning activities.

The Hapara suite comes with 3 products:

Hapara Dashboard. With the dashboard you can:

  • http://hapara.com/product/dashboard/ourses/home/hapara/dashboard.jpg
    view a quick summary of learner progress across G Suite for Education, Blogs, Sites and Gmail organized by classes and subjects
  • organize learners into groups and provide individual feedback and support to improve skills and mastery of topics and
  • share documents, assignments and resources quickly with individual learners, groups and the whole class.

Hapara Highlights. With highlights you can:

  • http://hapara.com/product/highlights/
    view student documents and browsing activities so you can confidently keep them on task
  • remotely open tabs, close tabs and even lock screens for a period of time to focus students’ browsing activity when required and
  • engage students in conversations about their learning and online behavior by direct messaging or more personalized and private feedback.

Hapara Workspace. This allows you to:

  • http://hapara.com/product/workspace/
    modify the work of learners at the individual or group level, all within the same online unit of learning
  • streamline the organizational work of teaching and learning by keeping everything in one place and
  • give learners an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments, customize their submissions and participate in workspace learning and teaching.

Technical rollout

A member of the ICON service desk will be in contact with your school’s nominated IT contact to start the Hapara deployment procedures for your school.

Privacy Compliance

When your school has made the decision to use Hapara, your school will need to manage the Hapara platform, communicate about it with stakeholders and address school privacy concerns.  

These resources are available to help your school with privacy compliance:

Schools will need to ensure that their standard collection notice, job applicant collection notice and acceptable use policies are updated to comply with privacy laws.

More information

The Hapara blog is a great way to see what others are doing. You can also subscribe to their newsletter.


If you have any questions about Hapara you can email Richard Callanan on rcallanan@cem.edu.au

or phone 03 9267 0228.

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