ICON ePlan is a business intelligence reporting tool. ePlan allows teachers and school leaders to view, analyse and compare historical and current student data such as attendance records, NAPLAN results and teacher judgments against curriculum standards. 

Teachers and school leaders can use this insight to design learning to meet student needs and improve school performance through targeted initiatives.

The integration of student data and attendance, assessment and reporting data into ePlan is expected to be completed later this year. This includes Student Profile and NAPLAN data, and the provision of an upload feature for the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT). 

The first release of ePlan will deliver Learning and Teaching and School Leadership reports that are associated with the following data sets:
  • NAPLAN data 
  • teacher judgments against standards, e.g. A-E reporting
  • ACER PAT data (where schools use these tools)
  • attendance data
  • student, parent and staff profile data.