To ensure the efficient and smooth operation and interaction of the ICON systems, it is important that all applications meet standard requirements.

Student Reporting Standard

After the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) published its F–10 Curriculum Planning and Reporting Guidelines in February 2014, the minimum reporting requirements for Victorian schools were modified, offering schools greater autonomy in communicating student progress and achievement to parents. By mid-2014, all four dioceses committed to a Victorian Catholic response, developed in light of stakeholder feedback. Guidelines for schools were published in mid-2015, and revised in 2016. 

ICON has developed the TJAS Documentation – Vendor Specification April 2017, a Student Reporting Technical Standard to accompany these guidelines in response to the full implementation of the Victorian Curriculum from 2017. The Standard will enable data analytics of student progress and achievement data in ePlan. 

You can also view the 2017 revised guidelines on the Catholic Education Victoria Network (CEVN) site under Curriculum and Student Support/Curriculum in Catholic Schools/Reporting.