Term 1, March 2017

Dear Colleagues

As we approach the end of Term 1, 2017, we now have eight primary schools onboard with ICON. 

We again thank and acknowledge the principals and administration staff of the following pilot schools for their significant contribution and patience in the implementation period:

  • St Joseph’s Primary School, Boronia
  • St John Vianney’s School, Mulgrave
  • Emmaus Catholic Primary School, Sydenham
  • St Jude the Apostle School, Scoresby
  • St Louis de Montfort’s School, Aspendale
  • St Timothy’s School, Vermont
  • St Francis Xavier School, Frankston
  • Siena Catholic Primary School, Lucas, Ballarat.

Implementation timeline

The process for the implementation of the ICON solution is proceeding as follows:

  1. build and test the ICON platform
  2. engage a number of pilot schools 
  3. review the learnings of the pilot schools
  4. make all necessary changes prior to rolling out ICON to any new schools.

We are now at step four of the implementation process and are working with the pilot schools to ensure staff are able to take full advantage of the ICON eAdmin product.

Software licence agreements

As we are still on track to achieve the full rollout of ICON by the end of 2019, it is recommended that schools do not enter into long-term licensing and maintenance agreements for ICON-related software products. Instead it is highly recommended that schools look to enter into one-year agreements only for any software licensing that ICON will replace.

Next steps

We are looking to implement ICON in a small group of schools towards the end of Term 3, 2017. The composition of this group is currently under review to ensure the mix of schools is appropriate for an effective rollout.

Ongoing feedback 

For further information about ICON, I encourage you and your staff to email the ICON team at icon@cecv.catholic.edu.au.

Yours sincerely
Stephen Elder