Term 4, November 2018

Term 4, November 2018

Dear Colleagues

During October, seven primary schools in the Diocese of Sandhurst and one primary school in the Diocese of Ballarat (Group Two) were migrated across to ICON eAdmin. This has been the most successful migration to date. It validated improvements from previous lessons learned and demonstrated the ability to migrate multiple schools at the same time. The migration was completed ahead of schedule, reducing the downtime for schools. There was also a significant improvement in data quality. Diocesan staff, the ICON project team and administration officers in schools have worked collaboratively to achieve this result.

Following the successful onboarding of Group Two schools, the total number of schools now live on ICON eAdmin is 38. I wish to acknowledge the commitment of all these schools as early adopters of ICON eAdmin, as they have helped us continue to learn from and improve the implementation of ICON into the future.

I look forward to continuing to work with you all as ICON rolls out. Without your cooperation and leadership, the program would not be a success.

Thank you for your ongoing support for this important strategic endeavour.

Stephen Elder
Executive Director


ICON eAdmin

Group Two schools

The most recent (Group Two) primary schools to implement ICON eAdmin are:

Diocese of Sandhurst Diocese of Ballarat
St Liborius’ School, Eaglehawk St Alipius’ Parish School, Ballarat East
St Mary’s School, Inglewood  
St Joseph’s School, Quarry Hill  
Holy Rosary School, Heathcote  
St Therese’s School, Kennington  
St Peter’s School, North Bendigo  
St Francis of the Fields School, Strathfieldsaye  

Post go-live support for Group Two schools

A series of workshops is underway to support school administration officers in the areas of:

  • day-to-day processes
  • end-to-end payroll processing
  • end of month processes.

These are working sessions where attendees bring along appropriate work and complete it as necessary under the guidance and support of diocesan staff and ICON school support officers.

Planning for 2019

Planning for ICON implementation in 2019 is underway.

Archdiocese of Melbourne:

Approximately 40 primary schools will be implementing ICON eAdmin in 2019. All of these schools will be using the Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) Shared Services Centre, with 30 of them also opting to use the services of a CEM Business Manager.

The schools are located across all four regions of the archdiocese. The ICON eAdmin School Services Manager, in collaboration with CEM Principal Consultants, will be working with schools to develop individual ICON implementation plans.

The process for the recruitment of CEM Business Managers has commenced. CEM will be recruiting four business managers: one each to service the eastern, northern, southern and western regions. On average, each business manager will have a portfolio of 10 primary schools and be working in each school approximately one day per fortnight.

Diocese of Sandhurst

Implementation of ICON eAdmin in Sandhurst will continue to focus on primary schools in 2019. There will be two groups conducting training in Term 2 (seven schools) and Term 3 (seven schools). This is in addition to the new school, St Anne’s College, Kialla, starting with ICON eAdmin in Term 1. The total number of schools operating in ICON eAdmin at the end of 2019 in Sandhurst is projected to be 26.

The Dioceses of Ballarat and Sale are currently developing implementation plans for 2019.

Secondary schools

As advised in the last ICON Project Update, Emmanuel College, Warrnambool, was the first Victorian Catholic secondary school to go live on ICON eAdmin. A number of learnings occurred as part of the data migration of a secondary school which will benefit future implementations in secondary schools.

During 2019 there will be further development of the ICON solution for secondary schools. This development is scheduled to commence in April 2019. Consultation will be held with the relevant stakeholders throughout this process.

Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) Shared Services Centre

The CEM Shared Services Centre will provide financial and HR transactional and compliance support to schools, and specifically support the following areas:

Payroll  HR administration  Fixed assets 
Bank reconciliation  General ledger maintenance  Accounts payable 
End of year processes  Accruals and prepayments  BAS preparation 
Annual financial statements     

In most cases, school administrative staff will still be required to initiate transactions, and ensure policy is followed and appropriate approvals are obtained. Staff will be required to validate the accuracy of data and provide analysis and information to the Shared Services Centre.

CEM primary schools implementing ICON in 2019 will be using the Shared Services Centre, reducing the transition impact on schools and supplementing existing school administration capability. It is important to note that the Shared Services Centre does not replace administrative staff, rather it reduces some of their transaction workload.

All new archdiocesan primary and secondary schools opened from 2020 onwards will use shared services.

More information about the Shared Services Centre can be found on this fact sheet.

Contact ICON

For all enquiries or to provide feedback about ICON, email the ICON Project Team on icon@cecv.catholic.edu.au.

For ICON school support, contact the service desk via email ictsupport@cem.edu.au or by phone on 03 9267 0422.

The service desk contact hours are 8.00 am – 5.30 pm.