Term 4, October 2017

Dear Colleagues

With Term 4 upon us, the existing Pilot 2 schools commenced the rollover to ICON eAdmin at the end of Term 3. It is expected that all the Pilot 2 schools will be live by mid-November.

I remain grateful for the significant contribution of the principals and staff from the first and second group of pilot schools in working together with the ICON project team as we continue to implement ICON.

Stephen Elder
Executive Director


ICON eAdmin training for Pilot 2 schools

Administration staff for the Pilot 2 schools completed their training on the eAdmin applications and the automated data migration system on 19 September. Further refresher training in eAdmin was held on 20 September and 26-27 September.

Training for the administration staff for the five new primary schools implementing ICON in 2018 commenced on 24 August and will be completed by 9 November.

ICON eAdmin change management workshops for principals

Principals from the Pilot 2 schools attended change management workshops in preparation for the next rollout of ICON eAdmin.

The workshops focused on two key questions for principals leading the implementation of ICON in schools:

  • What knowledge and skills do principals need about eAdmin to sponsor the change in the school community?
  • As sponsors for change, what conditions or processes need to be in place for the effective implementation of eAdmin?

ICON eLearn

G Suite (Google) for Education online courses

The ICON eLearn team have created 18 online courses on the suite of classroom collaboration tools offered by Google. Read the positive feedback from staff who have completed the courses. To date, there have been more than 1,000 registrations for these courses.

Staff interested in these courses can find them on the CEV online courses site or can register via My PL (IPLS) on the CEVN website.

Expressions of Interest – CEV G Suite for Education instance

There are currently 77 schools in the CEV G Suite for Education instance. For those schools interested in finding out more about the CEV G Suite instance, we invite you to submit an Expression of Interest form.

For more information refer to the CEV G Suite for Education instance fact sheet.

ICON Fact Sheets

Fact sheets with key information about ICONcan be found on the ICON Implementation Support Site. We encourage making these available to your staff.

The fact sheets are:

Software licence agreements - reminder

A reminder that the recommendation is for schools not to enter into long-term licensing and maintenance agreements for ICON-related software products. Instead, it is highly recommended that schools look to enter into one or two-year agreements only (with rolling one year options) for software licensing that ICON will replace.

Contact us - new service desk options and contact hours

For ICON school support, contact the service desk vie email ictsupport@cem.edu.au or by phone 03 9267 0422. The options are:

  • option 1 for ICON eAdmin school support
  • option 2 for ICON eLearn and GSuite school support.

The service desk contact hours are 8.00 am - 5.30 pm.

For further information about ICON or any enquiries, email the ICON team at icon@cecv.catholic.edu.au.