Term 3, September 2018

Term 3, September 2018

Dear Colleagues

There are now 30 schools live on ICON eAdmin – 19 primary schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne; 5 primary schools and one secondary school in the Diocese of Ballarat; 4 primary schools in the Diocese of Sandhurst; and 1 primary school in the Diocese of Sale. I wish to acknowledge the commitment of the pilot schools and Group One schools as early adopters of ICON eAdmin as they have helped us continue to learn from and improve the implementation of ICON in the next groups of schools.

The focus for Term 3 is on supporting the Group One schools in Ballarat and Sandhurst with post go-live implementation workshops and beginning the implementation journey for the next group of schools (Group Two) in the Dioceses of Ballarat and Sandhurst.

As you are aware, ICON will ensure all our schools, regardless of size, resourcing or location, will have access to sophisticated administration applications that can free up resources for teaching and learning. As an enterprise system, ICON will enable us as a system of schools, to share resources, information and good governance practices quickly and efficiently. This is important to achieve ongoing regulatory compliance in all areas of our operations so that governments retain high confidence to invest in Catholic education.

ICON will also provide workforce benefits for schools with IT and business process skills being transferable from one school to the next. I look forward to continuing to work with you all as ICON rolls out. Without your cooperation and leadership, the program would not be a success.

Thank you for your ongoing support for this important strategic endeavour.

Stephen Elder
Executive Director


ICON eAdmin

Group 1 schools

The most recent (Group One) schools to roll over into ICON eAdmin are:

Diocese of Ballarat Diocese of Sandhurst 
 St John's School, Dennington  Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Elmore 
 St Patrick's School, Port Fairy  St Kilian's School, Bendigo 
 St Joseph's School, Warrnambool   St Monica's School, Kangaroo Flat
 St Pius X School, Warrnambool West   Holy Rosary School, White Hills
 Emmanuel College, Warrnambool   

Post go-live support for Group One schools

A series of workshops is underway to support school administration officers with:

  • day-to-day processes
  • end-to-end payroll processing
  • end of month processes.

These are working sessions where attendees bring along appropriate work and complete the work as necessary with the guidance and support of ICON school support officers and diocesan staff.

First secondary school to go-live

Emmanuel College, Warrnambool was the first Victorian Catholic secondary school to go-live on ICON eAdmin. A number of learnings occurred as part of the data migration of this secondary school which will benefit future implementations in secondary schools. We thank the principal and staff of Emmanuel College for their positive and collaborative approach in being the pilot secondary school.

ICON eAdmin training for Group Two schools

The ICON project team and key staff from the Ballarat and Sandhurst Diocesan offices have been working together to plan for the implementation of ICON eAdmin in Group Two schools. ICON eAdmin training for those schools implementing ICON eAdmin in the second half of the year has commenced. The eAdmin training is augmented by two eAdmin change workshops for principals and school leaders.

The Group Two schools are:

Diocese of Ballarat Diocese of Sandhurst
St Alipius Parish School, Ballarat East St Liborius School, Eaglehawk

St Mary's School, Inglewood

St Joseph's School, Quarry Hill

Holy Rosary School, Heathcote

St Therese's School, Kennington

St Peter's School, North Bendigo
St Francis of the Fields, Strathfieldsaye

The Group Two schools are scheduled to commence going live during the Term 3 school holidays.

Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) Shared Services Centre

A key learning from the pilot schools is that the introduction of modern enterprise technology and processes requires significant investment in the development of school administration staff skills and knowledge in order to ensure the benefits from the ICON strategy are realised.

The introduction of a Shared Services Centre is in response to this key learning. The Shared Services Centre will provide accounting support services for schools in the areas of:

Payroll HR administration Fixed assets
Bank reconciliation General ledger maintenance Accounts payable
End of year processes Accruals and prepayments BAS preparation
Annual financial statements

School administration staff will still be required to initiate transactions, ensure policy is followed and appropriate approvals are obtained. They will also be required to validate the accuracy of data and provide analysis and information to the Centre.

The goal is to be able to offer this service as part of the ICON rollout to primary schools in 2019, reducing the transition impact on schools and supplementing existing school administration capability. It is important to note that the Shared Services Centre does not replace administrative staff, but rather reduces some of their transaction workload.

The Shared Services Centre has the potential to provide substantial benefits to schools including:

  • schools administrative staff workload pressures are alleviated. Principals will be able to focus the efforts of administration staff towards student-centred activities and broader school community engagement
  • principals will be able to retain their focus on being an educational leaders within a Catholic environment
  • principals and administration officers will be assisted to meet compliance requirements in a more streamlined and supported manner
  • schools will be able adapt more effectively and efficiently to changing regulatory and governance requirements and stakeholder expectations.

The current focus is on primary schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, however there is no reason in the future why the service could not be more widely available if principals believe it is appropriate for their individual circumstances. The Dioceses of Ballarat, Sandhurst and Sale are developing their own arrangements for providing support to their schools.

ICON eLearn

ePlan Pilot

A trial at Catholic Education Melbourne Southern Region pilot schools is continuing. The trial is focused on change management to further progress three key eLearn outcomes:

  • student centred learning and teaching
  • co-construction and sharing of effective professional practice
  • parental engagement in student learning.

Within the scope of the trial is an assessment as to how effective the current technologies are in supporting the eLearn outcomes and how can they best be structured to maximise the target benefits. ICON provided technologies include Synergetic learning support modules and portals, G Suite, Hapara and ePlan.

The two ePlan Pilot schools will share the lessons learned and recommendations for further school implementation processes at a meeting in November.

Consistent with the ICON approach to date, we will ensure appropriate trialling and the capturing of lessons learned before the full rollout of ePlan.

G Suite (Google) for Education online courses

‘Fantastic online tutorial.  I am the Digital Technologies leader at St Fidelis’ Catholic Primary school, Moreland. We used this (Google Classroom) tutorial to skill up our middle and senior level staff to implement Google Classroom this semester. As a staff we undertook the module and it was very informative. I will be completing other tutorials offered by CEM and recommending them to my colleagues.'
Kelly O'Neill, Digital Technologies leader and Year 3/4 classroom teacher

The ICON eLearn team has created 18 online courses on the suite of classroom collaboration tools offered by Google. More than 1,200 staff in Catholic schools have registered to undertake these courses. The ICON G Suite for Education online courses are regularly updated to reflect the latest changes to the G Suite Apps.

Staff undertaking these courses receive feedback on their learning. Teachers completing the courses who enrol via My PL (IPLS), are accredited with professional learning hours based on Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) standards.

Staff interested in these courses can find them on the ICON Implementation Support Site or can register via My PL (IPLS) on the CEVN website.

CEV G Suite for Education instance

Catholic Education Victoria (CEV) has its own instance of G Suite for Education which schools are invited to join.

The benefits of joining the ICON CEV G Suite Instance are:

  • administration support – the ICON G Suite administrators will ensure all releases and changes to the G Suite instance are tested, released and communicated
  • Service Desk support –the ICON G Suite service desk staff can provide direct support to schools in the CEV G Suite instance
  • free access to Hapara – this third-party application provides a suite of learning management tools that make it easier for teachers to view and manage students' online work. This is provided free to schools in the CEV G Suite instance
  • CECV G Suite administration staff dedicated to continual improvement.

Those schools interested in finding out more about the CEV G Suite instance are invited to submit an Expression of Interest form.

For more information refer to the CEV G Suite for Education instance fact sheet.

Hapara Discovery workshops

Hapara is a suite of learning management tools that make it easier for teachers to view and manage student work that is stored in the Cloud. Schools in the CEV G Suite instance who have not implemented Hapara will be contacted regarding a workshop to learn more about the process for implementing Hapara in readiness for 2019.

For more information about Hapara, refer to the ICON Hapara for G Suite fact sheet.

Contact ICON

For all enquiries or to provide feedback about ICON, email the ICON Project Team on icon@cecv.catholic.edu.au.

For ICON school support, contact the service desk via email ictsupport@cem.edu.au or by phone on 03 9267 0422.

The service desk contact hours are 8.00 am – 5.30 pm.