ICON eAdmin

ICON eAdmin will provide all Catholic schools in Victoria with applications to manage human resources, finances and interactions with parents.

eAdmin will be used by all Catholic schools making it easy for records and information to follow a student when they change schools and will allow seamless reporting to the four Victorian Catholic education offices. Staff will be able to access and manage their personal details, leave requests and pay information online. More information about ICON can be found in the factsheet - What is ICON?

Support resources for Administration Officers accessing eSIS is available via the eAdmin Support page.


eFIN is the financial application within eAdmin. It is a sophisticated enterprise finance system that has the CECV finance guidelines built into its workflows. It is a system of governance and compliance ensuring schools meet requirements for ACNC and CECV.

Workflows requiring approvals have built-in processes for Principals or relevant staff to approve.


eHR provides a comprehensive human resources management system that also includes payroll. The payroll function has built-in compliance and is capable of handling the complexity of awards within the Education Sector.

Staff will be able to manage their own bank and personal details and view pay slips via Employee Self Service. They will also be able to enter leave.


eSIS is the Student Information System. Activities that relate to enrolment, managing the student life-cycle, billing, fees and payments, as well as reporting functions are managed through eSIS.

ePlan is dependant on the eSIS core data so eSIS is a prerequisite prior to implementing ePlan.