Semester Rollover Instructions

Mid-year Rollover

Schools using ICON for student reporting and assessment will need to perform a mid-year rollover when moving from semester one to semester two. This process involves a mid-year rollover of students, classes, assessments, subjects and timetables into the new semester and should be completed by the school’s eSIS system administrator.

  • Open the Students module in eSIS and select File Semester Maintenance:

The Student File Semester Maintenance window for the current semester will be displayed.

  • Select Add on the right hand side:

This will create a line for the new semester.

  • Enter the following information:
    • year
    • semester
    • start date
    • end date
    • description
  • Under Season Type select Numbered
  • Click OK

Note: Publish dates relate to the Results tab in Community Portal. This is not covered in these instructions.

From the Students module open Create Next Semester Details:

  • Review the year and semester to be created and the tables to be transferred.
  • If these are correct, select Set as Current Year and Semester to have the system update the default year and semester.
  • Click OK.

A new window will appear asking if you wish to continue to create the new semester.

  • Click Yes.

A notification will appear for all users next time they log into eSIS:

SynWeb users will be presented with the following notification next time they log in:

  • Staff will need to select the correct semester and select Update:

Note: It is important that all staff accept the update to avoid data being entered incorrectly.

Community Portal

For schools using the eSIS Community Portal, the new semester changes will only be reflected in Community Portal once the following action is taken.

  • From the Student Module select File Semester Maintenance
  • Select the new semester and click on Set Portal Current: