ICON eLearn Modules

ICON eLearn Modules

ICON eLearn Modules in eSIS will provide school staff with functionality related to school timetables, attendance, assessment and reporting and pastoral care information.

The Community Portal is a web-based portal that allows parents and other community members to view and update information that is relevant to them - My Details, Excursions, Parent/Teacher Interviews, Finance, Student Results.

Information about professional learning sessions for school leaders and administration staff can be found here.

Schools wishing to view the ICON solution for assessment and reporting can find the ICON Student reporting templates here.

Expression of Interest Form

Schools wishing to implement any of the ICON eLearn modules are asked to complete an Expression of Interest form. The form is available by clicking on the link or the image to the right.

ICON eLearn Training Site

The ICON eLearn Training site is available by clicking on the following image:

Presentations (for school leaders to use with staff)

Reference Guides (for downloading)