Insight Assessment

The Insight Assessment Platform and ICON

This page contains the following information:

  • Information about the Insight Assessment Platform
  • Preconditions for gaining access to the Insight Assessment Platform for CECV ICON schools
  • Instructions for how ICON schools log into the the Insight Assessment Platform
  • Issues and troubleshooting FAQs

The Insight Assessment Platform (Insight) is an online assessment platform. It assists teachers to assess student progress and apply more targeted teaching practices through its powerful data analytics and reporting capabilities. Teachers can review student assessment data for diagnostic, formative and summative purposes.

Insight has four assessment instruments, with more under development, as follows:

  • English Online Interview (EOI), targeting Years F–2
  • Mathematics Online Interview (MOI), targeting Years F–2
  • Fractions and Decimals Online Interview (FDOI), targeting Years 5–10
  • Transition Learning and Development Statement (TLDS), targeting Kindergarten–Year F.
  • For more information about these instruments, see the Assessment Tools section of the Insight webpage.

How do ICON schools get access to the Insight Assessment Platform

One of the benefits of a school migrating to the ICON platform is that they will be able to almost immediately gain access to the Insight Assessment Platform. However, some conditions must be in place before this access can occur.

The preconditions for access to the Insight Assessment Platform are:

  • Schools must be 'live' on ICON
  • The school is required to have timetable data in eSIS (teachers, linked to class & students)
  • The class codes in eSIS must not change during the year or else Insight data linked to a class will be broken. (When a school migrates to ICON standard class codes in eSIS are linked to class descriptions migrated from previous legacy student administration systems)
  • Students require a unique identity code. A unique identity is generated in ICON by linking the student in IDAM. (For new ICON schools this is done during onboarding)

Go to the Accessing the Insight Assessment Platform (Login) page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. The school sector/service buttons will appear.

Select the CECV button. The CECV Log In screen will appear.

Staff will enter their current CNumber/CEO login and password. The Insight Home screen will appear (see image above).

Accessing the Insight Assessment Platform

Your school must be registered on Insight, and teachers, students and classes set up. For Victorian Catholic schools if your school uses ICON, it can then be registered on Insight, and your teachers, students and classes will be automatically set up. The accuracy of data on Insight will be determined by the accuracy of the data entered into ICON.

From June 2020, ICON schools will be registered on Insight if they have timetable information in ICON eSIS. Once ICON schools have been registered they will receive an email that includes an Insight Assessment guide.

Issues and Troubleshooting

My school has been registered on Insight but I do not see all students?

The student data that is sent from ICON to Insight relies on all students having an ICON ID. If some of your students are missing when you login to the Insight Assessment Platform, the school administration officer can log into eSIS to view those students without ICON IDs. An ICON ID can be generated for the student. Once this task is completed the data will be sent to Insight.

Guide: How to View and Create Students IDAM Login or view this video.

My school is an ICON school but we are not registered with Insight?

Schools migrating to ICON in 2020 will automatically be registered with Insight and teachers, students and classes will be automatically set up based on data within ICON eSIS. However, schools must have timetable information in ICON for teachers, students and classes to be set up. If your school does not have a timetable in ICON please contact your diocesan representative or ICT Support via email or by phone 03 9267 0422.

Our school was already registered with Insight before becoming an ICON school. When we move to ICON will we access the Insight Assessment Platform in the same way?

Once a school moves to ICON the school data required for an ICON school to access Insight will automatically be provided to VCAA from ICON eSIS. This does not require any work to be done by the school. However, if your school has already had access to Insight prior to migrating to ICON, VCAA will ensure that old student assessment records are merged with new records. Your school will have new instructions for how you access the Insight Assessment Platform provided by your diocesan CEO learning and teaching contact.