Going Live With ePlan

Going Live

Once the ePlan tile has been activated for a school the principal will receive an email from the ICON team outlining a number of activities that will need to be undertaken to ensure the maximum benefit from the reports available is gained.

The following activities should be undertaken in order:

Step 1: Provide Access for the Leadership Team

Step 2: Upload ACER data (where it is used by the school)

Step 3: Check data in reports

Step 4: Provide access to remaining staff

Step 1: Providing Access for the Leadership Team

When a school is first given access to ePlan, only the Principal and ePortal Administrator can access the ePlan tile via the ICON ePortal dahboard:

ePlan gives access to one or both of the two dashboards available: the ePlan Leadership dashboard and the ePlan Learning and Teaching Dashboard. School principals will need to decide which staff members should be given access to each of the dashboards. At present, in current ePlan schools, principals have decided to give access to both dashboards to all staff.

In order to access the dashboards, other staff must be given access via the ePortal Admin dashboard.

It is recommended that initially, only members of the school's Leadership team are given access to ePlan to allow for uploading and checking of data before making ePlan available to remaining staff.

To do this:

  • Click on the ePortal Admin tile on the vertical navigation panel on the left hand side of the ePortal dashboard

  • Click on the User Roles tile:

  • Place a tick in the checkbox next to the names of the members of the Leadership team in the ePlan Leader and ePlan Teacher colums:

  • Members of the school Leadership team should check they have access to the relevant dashboards once their access has been provided via the ePortal Admin tile. Note: The ePlan tile will not appear on the user’s dashboard until the following day

  • If there are any issues, please contact the Service Desk.

Step 2: Uploading ACER data

If the school undertakes any ACER testing, this data will need to be uploaded manually by the school before it is available in ePlan. A list of the types of tests that can be uploaded can he found here. Schools can upload as much historical ACER data as is deemed appropriate.

Step 3: Check data

  • Once ACER data has been uploaded, members of the school Leadership team should check all data in ePlan for accuracy and completeness. Any data issues should be reported to the Service Desk.

Step 4: Provide access to all other staff

  • Repeat Step 1 above to allocate ePlan access to the remaining staff members.

  • A website containing an image and summary of all ePlan reports can be found here

  • Resources for leaders to use with staff can be found here

  • Schools can contact their Regional eLearn CAP(Melbourne schools) or their Diocesan ePlan representative (non-Melbourne schools) to support them with the use of ePlan

  • Below you will find tips on how to navigate around ePlan as well as a link to Frequently Asked Questions.

Navigation and Filters

Using Filters

Filters help refine searches so only relevant data is displayed. In most cases outputs can only be generated by using filters first.

These filters are accessed via a tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Click on the arrow at the top to access the filter menu:

The filter options will now be visible. The drop down menus available depend on the report being accessed. These drop down menus are pre-filled and responsive, depending on the selections made.

  • Selec the required options from the drop down menus starting at the top of the filter and moving down the list

  • A selection must be made from each drop down menu for a report to be generated:

  • Click Apply at the bottom of the filter.

  • For filters with many drop down menus, it may be necessary to decrease the magnification of the browser window in order to see the Apply button. A shortcut for this is to click Control and the - key (at the same time)until the Apply button can be seen.


Once the report is displayed, it is normally possible to click through to further reports to drill down into more specific data. ePlan uses a navigation system that allows users to return to a previous page rather than having to return to the main page and find the required report again. Using the browser's back arrow will not return the user to the previous page but instead will provide access to the main dashboard page.

  • To return to the previous report after clicking through, the inbuilt navigation should be used:

School Support

Refer to contact details for support with the following:

  • Access or data issues contact the Service Desk.

  • Help with ACER data upload contact the Service Desk.

  • Training staff in the use of ePlan contact the Regional CAP team (MACS) via email cap@cem.edu.au. (School requests should include the school name and region). Or the school's Diocesan ePlan representative (Sale diocese).

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions can be accessed here.