Professional Learning

Professional Learning for ICON eLearn Modules

Once schools are on ICON, administration and teaching staff have access to professional learning for the ICON eLearn modules that are found within eSIS. Staff are encouraged to find and apply for these courses on CEVN via Online Professional Learning (OPL). Courses offered include:

  • An Overview of the eLearn Modules
  • ICON eLearn Community Portal workshop
  • ICON eLearn Student Reporting workshop

Please note that staff wishing to attend either the ICON eLearn Community Portal workshop or the ICON eLearn Student Reporting workshop must be at schools that have already migrated to ICON.

G Suite for Education Professional Learning courses

The Catholic Education Victoria (CEV) G Suite for Education instance forms part of ICON eLearn. G Suite provides a suite of products to help teachers, students and school staff to communicate, collaborate and create and share content.

Face to Face Professional Learning

Regular professional learning courses in G suite and Hapara are offered by CEM throughout the year. These are advertised through OPL via CEVN. The following courses may be offered over the year:

  • Getting started with G Suite for non-teaching staff
  • Are you ready for Hapara?
  • Creating your school newsletter in G Suite
  • G Suite Admin Console and managing devices
  • G Suite for Junior Teachers (F-4)

G Suite Online Courses

There are currently 18 online courses in G Suite offered by ICON. The courses provide a variety of activities and multimedia resources for hands-on experiences with the G Suite applications and YouTube, and strategies for integrating these in your classroom. They include:

Sandhurst Google Apps Reference Guides

See Sandhurst G Suite for Education to access a range of G Suite resources that have been developed by the Diocese of Sandhurst.

Google Certified Training courses

The Google Training Centre provides courses to help you with strategies for integrating Google in your classroom. The courses are offered and managed by Google and not Catholic Education Melbourne.

See Google's certification policies and FAQs for more information about G Suite for Education training.