ICON eLearn

ICON eLearn will provide a range of enterprise technology tools and solutions to enable and support the effective professional practice of teachers and leaders in every school.

The objective of ICON eLearn is to support the personalisation of teaching and improve student centred learning .

ICON will provide a framework for learning and teaching connected to collaboration tools and learning resources to enable:

  • Targeted teaching

  • Co-construction and sharing of effective professional practice

  • Parental engagement in student learning

ICON eLearn Technologies

  • eLearn modules within ICON eSIS (attendance, assessment & semester reporting, pastoral care, community portal, parent-teacher interviews, excursions & events)

  • CEV Google for Education instance including Hapara (available to schools in the CEV GSuite for Education instance)

  • ePlan

Expression of Interest form

Schools wishing to implement any of the ICON eLearn modules in eSIS are asked to complete an Expression of Interest form.

Schools who have completed the EOI form will be contacted by ICON staff to discuss next steps in implementing the ICON eLearn modules.

Third Party Applications

The ICON platform provides a solution for third-party applications to seamlessly integrate with ICON. Schools can continue to use certain third party learning applications to achieve learning outcomes.

Information about the eLearn Strategy can be found in the ICON eLearn Strategy fact sheet.

More detailed information about ICON and third-party applications can be found here.