Service Desk

The Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) IT Service Desk is the first point of contact for technical and functional requests and issues. The team delivers support to MACS and Victorian Catholic Diocesan schools via phone, email and remote support.


The IT Service Desk and the eAdmin Support Team provide first point of contact, technical and functional support, for schools using the ICON applications.
The following services are provided:

ICON User Access Request Form

Primary form.

Secondary form.
Please use the User Access Request form to request a user's role to be created, updated, or removed in eHR, eFIN and/or eSIS. 
Download the document and open it in Adobe Reader(*Refer to the User Access Request approval policy below).

ICON Approval Policy for User Access Requests:

*Please note approval for user access requests will only be actioned if provided by the school staff listed below:

HEAT Self Service - ICON Schools

HEAT Self Service (HSS) is a web-based application that enables nominated staff at ICON schools to view all the service requests submitted by their school to the Service Desk. The development of the HEAT School Self Service Dashboard provides transparency between ICON schools and the ICON support teams.

Heat Self Service Dashboard - Non-Shared Services schools

The HEAT School Dashboard - ICON Services User Guide (for non-Shared Services schools), provides school leaders with an overview of the Heat School Dashboard. The guide includes instructions for logging into the Heat Dashboard as well as information for users who have difficulty logging into the dashboard.  Instructions for enabling new users to gain access to the dashboard are also included.

HEAT Self Service for Shared Services Schools

HEAT Self Service (HSS) for Shared Services schools is a web-based application that enables ICON School Admins to view all the Service Requests submitted by their school to the MACS Shared Services Teams as well as requests submitted to the Service Desk.

Before you can commence using HSS for MACS Shared Services schools, you will need to register. Applicants will be notified when their registration has been completed and HEAT Account has been made active.

Once the account is activated, please use the MACS SS - HEAT User Guide to navigate the system. 

Additional Resources

Refer to the relevant pages on this website or ICON Support Documentation for additional information, guides and resources.

Outage Notifications

Subscribe to the CECV Word Press for up-to-date alerts on service status’ and outage information.


See the Contact page for details and operating hours.

For ICON school support, you can contact the service desk any time via email at or via phone 03 9267 0422 between 8.00am–5.30 pm.