ICON Training

ICON Application Training (eSIS, eHR & eFIN)

The ICON Training Team delivers application training and workshops for schools migrating to the ICON platform. Training and workshops cover eSIS, eFIN, and eHR applications. Information about this training is found on the ICON Implementation website.

In addition, the ICON Application Training Team provides training for schools already using ICON.

Each term ICON application training will be available for new principals and new school administrative staff at ICON schools. Refresher training in relation to the use of eSIS, eHR and eFIN for staff already trained in the ICON applications will also be available.

Training and Workshop sessions

ICON Applications (eSIS, eHR & eFIN)

New school administrator sessions and ICON Refresher workshops are available to ICON school administration staff. Sessions for Term 1 2023 can be found here.

School staff can register for these sessions on OPL via the CEVN website.

ICON Training Team

All ICON trainers are experienced in delivering specialised scenario-based training across the three ICON applications.

  • Training Team Lead - Sone McKendry

  • eSIS Trainers - Sone McKendry and Judy Camilleri

  • eFIN Trainer - Danielle Zarafa

  • eHR Trainer - Mark Eisenbise

eSIS Demo.mp4


This video is a demonstration of ICON eSIS. More videos showing eSIS functionality can be found here.

eLearn Trainers

  • Cathy O'Halloran

  • Richard Callanan

ICON eLearn Training

ICON schools have access to the 'eLearn' modules in eSIS once they go live on ICON. Schools that decide to implement the 'eLearn' Modules can access training from the eLearn team. Prior to making a decision to implement the modules schools are able to request an overview of the ICON eLearn Modules by completing an expression of interest form.


To support schools using the ICON platform, the ICON Training Team provides the following services:

  • Regular webinars in eSIS, eHR & eFIN

  • Refresher training in eSIS, eHR & eFIN

  • Training for Principals and administrative staff who are new to an ICON school

  • Training in the eSIS 'eLearn' modules by contacting the eLearn team.

  • Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), training manuals and presentations and other ICON application reference material, all of which can be located on the ICON School Resources Google Drive.

Additional Resources

The ICON Training Team regularly updates reference material on the ICON School Resources Google Drive.

Key Contacts

If you require training or information please register your interest through the Service Desk.