This page provides supporting information for schools using ICON and MACS Shared Services to onboard new employees. 

It will provide information to help you:


Core Functions of the Onboarding Team

Links to useful information

Onboarding Toolkit

The Onboarding Toolkit provides an overview of supporting documentation that you might need as you work through the Onboarding process. It directs you to quick reference guides that are stored across the different ICON Support Pages to help with a range of Onboarding-related activities. 


Support Documentation

Onboarding support materials are available here: these documents are regularly being reviewed and updated with the latest information about Onboarding procedures for schools. MACS SS Digital Onboarding Forms - Google Drive


Videos (…coming soon)

Several videos have been created to explain some important processes to schools and employees:

<<New Employee Digital Onboarding Process >>

<<Contract Variation Digital Onboarding Process >>

MACSSS-Onboarding-How to get more help