Contact ICON

General Enquiries or Feedback

For general enquiries or to provide feedback about ICON or the ICON Support Site, please email the ICON Project Team on

MACS School Engagement Officers (SEOs)

Beverly Pope 9267 4343

Iris Yeong 9267 4380

Denise Cranenburgh 9267 4059

Service Desk

For ICON school support, you can contact the service desk any time via email at or via phone 03 9267 0422 between 8.00am–5.30 pm. The menu options are:

  • option 1 for ICON schools with shared services

  • option 2 for ICON schools without shared services

  • option 3 for Technology Support

  • option 4 for Census assistance and student attendance collection

  • option 5 for G Suite support.

HEAT Self Service (HSS)

HEAT Self Service (HSS) is a web-based application that enables ICON School Admins to view all the Service Requests submitted by their school to the Shared Services Teams without requiring the installation of software, special permissions, or the need to contact the ICON School Support. The development of the HEAT School Self Service Dashboard is an important step in increasing transparency between ICON schools and the Shared Services Centre.

Before you can commence using HSS, you will need to register. Applicants will be notified when their registration has been completed and HEAT Account has been made active.

Once you account is activated, please use the HEAT User Guide to navigate the system.

User Access

Please use this form to request a user's role to be created, updated or removed in eHR, eFIN and/or eSIS. Download the document and open in Adobe Reader. Please note that this form needs to be sent into the Service Desk from the Principal's email.