Accounts Payable

This page contains information pertaining to the ICON Shared Services Accounts Payable Team:

  • Functions performed by the ICON Shared Services Centre Accounts Payable Team

  • Provides references to some key 'Quick Reference Guides'

  • Provides information on how to contact the relevant team(s) within the Shared Services Centre

Core Functions of the Accounts Payable Team

The ICON Shared Services Centre Accounts Payable Team is a part of the ICON Shared Services Centre which works collaboratively with the schools in relation to the set up of suppliers within the eFIN application and with the processing and disbursement of payables including: invoices; credit cards and expenditure reimbursements.

Schools that have elected to utilise the ICON Shared Services Centre can contact the Accounts Payable Team through the ICON Shared Services ePortal. The ICON Shared Services ePortal provides a list of requirements for each service request that can instigated by the schools. The different services are summarised below.

  • The creation of new suppliers and the amendment of existing suppliers in eFIN, based on the New Creditor Creation /Amendment Form submitted by the school.

  • Processing of invoices less than $1,000 in value with no purchase order, and processing of invoices greater than $1,000 in value with electronic purchase orders and the generation of the disbursement for the school to approve in the banking portal. This also includes the processing of the relevant accounting journals in ICON.

  • The payment of staff reimbursements. This requires the completion of Expense Reimbursement Form. This excludes Principal reimbursements as these need to be submitted via by the 10th of each month. Please refer to the associated COMS for more information. These will be processed by ICON Shared Services Centre Accounts Payable Team after this has been approved by the Regional Leadership Consultant.

  • The processing and payment of SmartSalary Input Tax Credits ("ITC"), based on the SmartSalary Summary Report submitted in PDF format and signed by the Principal with the GL code 78600.

  • The payment of debtor refunds / sundry invoices. The Sundry Creditor Payment Form needs to be completed by the school and approved by the Principal.

  • The processing of invoices / bills paid directly by schools into eFIN, including the processing of the relevant accounting journals in eFIN.

  • The processing of credit card statements into eFIN, with the credit card statement and Credit Card Expenditure Form (Excel) attached and the supporting receipts/invoices uploaded as well.

There is also a further option in the ICON Shared Services ePortal which allows for the submission of general enquiries, for any questions that do not fall within the categories above. This will be responded to by a member of the team via email.

Hot Topics

The following are hot topics for which additional support can be obtained as required:

    • Creditor Creation

    • Purchase Order Creation, Approval and Receipting of Purchase Orders.

    • Blanket Purchase Order Creation and Receipting Blanket Purchase Orders

    • Credit Cards

    • Expenditure Reimbursements

    • Finalising Payment Run

Key References

Key Contacts

All contact to the ICON Shared Services Centre Accounts Payable Team should be made through the ICON Shared Services ePortal, under Accounts Payable then General Enquiries.

For urgent queries, you can reach out via email to Nikki Ryan or Michelle Kahler