Digital Assessment Library (DAL)

Digital Assessment Library

What is DAL?

The VCAA  Digital Assessment Library (DAL) provides teachers with a bank of high-quality online classroom student assessment tools linked to the F-10 Victorian Curriculum. There are a range of assessments available in DAL which are updated regularly.  The areas of the curriculum that The Assessment Library covers include:

How to access DAL

The DAL is available to all ICON schools. 

In order to obtain access the school principal will need to fill out this surveymonkey link: 

Once onboarded, ICON schools can access DAL via the ICON ePortal dashboard.

Teacher Access:

Student Access: 

Where to get help

Support for DAL is provided by the VCAA DAL Service Desk. For issues with the Platform and student access/use of the assessments, please contact the VCAA DAL Service Desk:

Contact Details

VCAA Service Desk: 1800 314 523 (press 3 for DAL)

VCAA Service Desk Email:

For support regarding signing on through the ICON Portal please contact the ICON Support Team:

ICON Support Team: 03 9267 4422

ICON Support Email:

A number of support materials are available through the Help Page section accessible by clicking on the question mark button on the top right of the screen.