ePlan FAQs

How does the data get into ePlan?

ePlan has been designed to automate data collection as much as possible. For example, ePlan will source NAPLAN data directly from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), and student profile information from ICON systems. Schools will have access to upload functionality for ACER PAT-R and PAT-M results.

Who has access to ePlan?

In a school, school leaders, teachers and learning support officers have access to ePlan. Access is limited to these users because ePlan contains sensitive and personal information about students. The ePlan School Leadership Dashboard can only be accessed by a principal and those who have been designated as a leader e.g. deputy principal, assistant principal or who have been given access by their principal. ePlan’s Learning and Teaching Dashboard can be accessed by all school leaders and teachers.

Catholic Education Office staff across Victoria currently do not have access to ePlan.

How is ePlan different to other systems that help teachers collate and interpret student data?

One of the advantages of ePlan is that it can bring together student learning data sets in one place. ePlan can triangulate data from two or more sources to support teachers to see consistencies or inconsistencies. It offers current, comparative and historical reports on this information. The data collected in ePlan needs to be standardised data-sets and cannot really be customised at the school level.

For ongoing, formative assessment recording and analysis, schools may choose to continue to use other solutions.

Can I use ePlan to generate a formal report to parents?

ePlan is unable to deliver a ‘formal report’ to parents. At present, parents are unable to access ePlan.

How can additional data-sets be added to ePlan?

For data sets to be considered for inclusion in ePlan they must meet the following criteria:

  • Is the dataset used across CEV?

  • Is the data consistently collected, recorded and reported (data quality)?

There are also legal, educational, technical and commercial considerations before the inclusion of additional data sets.

Can I customise ePlan at the school level?

ePlan cannot be customised at the school level.

​Within the Dashboards however, the application of filters at different levels can help a school generate outputs that are more relevant to their specific queries and context.

Can I export data from ePlan?

Yes, all ePlan outputs can be exported in a variety of formats including MS Excel spreadsheets, PDFs and images.

Our school is interested in ePlan but we are not rolling over to ICON for some time. Can we use it now?

No, ePlan will only be available when a school rolls over to ICON. This is because ePlan relies on student profile data from ICON systems.