Training Materials for Leaders

ICON ePlan Training

ePlan Orientation training is offered to Principals and school leaders of ICON schools after they are able to access ePlan. ePlan Orientation training focuses on providing an overview of ePlan functionality, ensuring school leaders can generate ePlan reports/outputs, and helping them prepare for ePlan implementation, including professional learning planning. from the student data. School leaders will also be supported by Catholic Education staff to develop ePlan implementation plans for their school.

ePlan Orientation training

School leaders will:

    • Learn about and explore the ePlan tool, including the dashboards, outputs, filters, indicators and click-throughs, and online support information

    • Discuss how ePlan will develop over time, and the support materials that will be available

    • Explore with colleagues how ePlan might be used to strengthen current practice to promote progress and growth of student learning.

ePlan Orientation

A copy of the Orientation presentation is available below:

ePlan Orientation Presentation

Online Support Material

Presentations have been created as support for teachers to complete individually, as a self-paced learning module, or in teams. The presentations focus on building user capacity and improving practice.

The following presentations are available for all teachers to access. School leaders can use this support material with their teachers after they participate in the ePlan Orientation training session:

  • ePlan Preview

  • Using Data

ePlan Preview

This presentation is designed for Principals and Learning and Teaching Leaders to use with their school staff after attending Orientation training. It focuses on understanding the outputs and reports and their implications for learning and teaching.

ePlan Preview Presentation

Using Data Module

This module is designed to support teachers using ePlan. It employs a scenario based approach to exploring the ePlan data sets and considers their implications.

Using Data Module

Using Data Workbook

The Using Data workbook can be used by teachers as they work their way through the Using Data module. It can be accessed by clicking on the image below: