ICON Support Site

Welcome to the ICON Support site for Victorian Catholic schools

This ICON Support site contains information and resources for schools that have transitioned to ICON.

About ICON

The Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) is a collaborative program of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) involving Victorian Catholic schools and the four Catholic Education Offices.

ICON aims to support systemic improvement in an evolving education environment. The ICON vision is to “support enhanced student learning and enable school administrative processes to be more efficient and effective by providing a technology platform and support to enable school leaders, teachers and staff to collaborate and bring about new ways of working that optimise student learning outcomes, and optimise school administration”.

Teachers, staff, parents and students can access the ICON applications that are relevant to them through a customised portal.

ICON applications are classified under three main areas:

For information about Access for staff to the ICON Applications visit the Service Desk or Contact pages.