Application Upgrade Management

The Management of the ICON Application Upgrades can vary depending upon each of the software applications as part of the ICON suite of products.

Each have various challenges depending on the complexity of the upgrade, time available to thoroughly regression test all changes in our Enterprise environment including all integration between systems, the costs to maintain and upgrade to the current versions of the products as well as the availability of internal and external resources required to upgrade our software.

The TechnologyOne software used for Human Resources and Payroll (eHR) and Financials (eFIN), together with the Synergetic software used for Student Management (eSIS) are generally upgraded to a major release once a year due to the migration of schools occurring throughout the year onto the ICON platform.

Scheduling Upgrades

Upgrades are typically scheduled to minimise disruption to school operations. Testing of these upgrades is usually performed between December and April with deployment into various environments for testing, training, and support before deploying into the production environments.

For eFIN & eHR, these are usually upgraded in the Production environment in April with eSIS upgraded in January. These releases generally include product fixes as well as new enhancements.

Unplanned releases will occur throughout the year to specifically resolve any service or functional issues experienced by users.

In the event that upgrades impact operations, schools will be notified well in advance.